What to do if you have been accused

First of all, if you are FALSELY accused of child abuse, either sexual or physical, do not talk to anyone without a solicitor present. The Police will try every trick in the book to get you to incriminate yourself. From the ubiquitous good cop, bad cop routine to physical threats, psychological manipulation like promises of going home to your loved ones to threats of never being allowed to see them again. And all manner of other sneaky and nefarious tricks in their arsenal of “fair evidence gathering and interrogation techniques”

Once released on bail, get yourself a solicitor that specialises in this sort of case. To find one in your area, click HERE


Private Client Solicitor 

One very experienced solicitor who has defended false historic allegations of abuse is Chris Saltrese solicitors.

Due to the recent savage cuts to Public Funding (the old Legal Aid) Chris Saltrese can no longer take on publicly funded trials as these are paid by the case, rather than by the hour. He can of course undertake privately paid trial work and will work nationally. I can say that his charges compare very favourably against many other defence solicitors.

www.chrissaltrese.co.uk ~ Landline 01704 535512



Advice pre-charge and pre-trial

Record everything you can remember about what you were doing, where you were etc in the time leading up to the allegations. Also be prepared, from now on, to keep meticulous records of your future movements. Times, dates, location etc. It could all help in your defence case.

Try to figure out in your own mind, what could possibly have happened to cause this child to turn against you. Question, or have questioned on your behalf, friends, neighbours, teachers, social workers, family doctor etc to try and build up a profile of the sort of life this child is or has been living, and that you were unaware of.

Gather around you if possible, people who believe in you, and more importantly, in your innocence. Right now, you can’t have too many friends.

Have no faith in the British Justice System, because none exists, and prepare yourself mentally to become the latest victim of a wrongful conviction.


In the event of conviction

If you are convicted on the false allegations made against you and given a custodial sentence, then you will be expected to attend the SOTP (Sex Offender’s Treatment Programme) as part of your ill-founded incarceration. You are under no obligation whatsoever to attend this course as it is supposed to be “voluntary”. However, non-attendance may well affect the length of time you spend behind bars as parole is likely to be refused.

If you merely agree to undertake the course but then do not take an active part in it, this could still have an adverse effect on any future appeal application. Difficult thought it may be, you must try to stick to your guns, maintain your innocence stance, and refuse to do the course. You can agree to be “assessed” but on your straight denial you should be considered “unsuitable” or “unready” to take the course, although of course this will not stop officers and “prison psychology” pestering you to undertake this course – prisons get paid a lot of money for each participant.

You will find more support and advice on these and other matters on the support forum, the link to which you will find to the right of this note under “Useful Links”.


What can YOU do to help?

We believe it is the community of PAFAA members that helps so much in sustaining, bolstering and protecting each other throughout what is often described as some of the darkest hours. Whilst initially you may feel cautious in joining in, please do so, as you will be warmly welcomed and will ultimately derive far more than as a casual observer, and of course the PAFAA “family” will itself grow and develop more as a result, as members form new friendships as a result, an added bonus.


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