Have you made a false accusation of sexual abuse?

Do you wish you had the courage to type into Google: “I have made a false allegation and I want to put it right” ?

You CAN do this and hopefully put right this terrible mistake, make amends and undo a terrible Miscarriage of Justice.

You CAN put this right.  It takes a huge amount of courage to do this.  You will be supported all the way through if you decide to put this right.


Please email in complete confidence falseallegations@outlook.com



Some young people make false allegations of sexual abuse for a number of reasons.

For instance, an older family member may resent another one, for whatever reasons, and either persuade or force/blackmail a much younger person to make false allegations, often minimising the effect on the wrongly accused, perhaps suggesting that the accused will not go to prison or that they will only get a short sentence.  They will downplay the seriousness of the false allegations to the young person in the hope they will go ahead.

A young person who falsely accuses a parent or step parent are often themselves  a victim of the break-up of a marriage and want to punish the offending parent.  There are some cases where Dad wants more contact with the child and mum wants to punish him for his part in the break-up of the relationship.  Of course it can happen the other way around, where dad will want to punish mum or  mum’s new partner and remove him from the equation.

In such cases a mother (or indeed father, if he has residence of the child) can persuade the child that “something” happened when they were younger – the child may well believe this even if they have no memory of it and will, at the instigation of the parent who has residence, make such false allegations to the police and/or Social Services.

Some children living within a family home that resembles a war-zone just want to make the arguments stop and believe that if they make a false allegation of sexual abuse then dad/step dad will leave and that will be that. To their horror, though, once the allegation has been made, it will seem that there is no going back. They may feel that they will “lose face” to those they have complained to (or their friends who have believed the allegations) or they may fear they will get into serious trouble.

Some young people may be jealous of a stepfather-figure because attention (from the mother) is perceived to have been taken away from the accuser, leaving them with the awful feeling that they are being ignored and indeed, neglected. In some cases that is in fact true, of course.

Often false allegations of sexual abuse are made on the spur of the moment in order to attract attention and which are instantly regretted – by which time it is too late as there is police involvement and it seems that there can be no going back. The matter then goes to trial and the falsely accused person can be convicted on the false allegation sent to prison for a very long time.

Most young people who make false allegations are indeed real victims; they are victims of physical, mental/emotional and verbal abuse or the victim of a controlling father-figure and believe they are doing their mum (or whoever) a favour by having the person who is causing so much unhappiness removed from the family home by making a false allegation of sexual abuse.

Thankfully, these days, emotional and mental abuse can now be dealt with (by the Courts), but prior to recent legislation, those who had suffered such abuse had no other way of removing the person responsible from the family home.

By making false allegations of sexual abuse, you do not only punish the person who hurt you (by that I mean hurt you in ways other than by way of sexual abuse) but you punish a whole range of other people connected to that person, their families and friends.




There may be a wide range of reasons why an adult should make a false allegation of child sex abuse.

It is possible that they are desperately short of money (for instance, unable to hold down a job) and/or they blame the person they have falsely accused of sexual abuse for this, because they did not give them the happy childhood that they feel they should have had, which in turn has had an effect on them to function successfully as adults.

They may wish to hurt their the prison who caused them so much unhappiness in childhood (possibly they were emotionally/mentally abusive)  or they wish to take revenge due to some other kind of hurt/resentment completely unrelated to child sexual abuse, stemming back several years.

It is not always possible to understand why false allegations of sexual abuse have been made, and I have mentioned just a few here. Whatever the reason, as you have come this far please do keep reading……. You have made it this far……

The ordeal of the falsely accused person (and their loved ones) does not just stop at the prison gates of course. It affects so many other people’s lives – forever.

The person who made the false allegation who wants to put things right may well believe that the person they accused will never be able to find it in their hearts to forgive them.  I know it’s hard but sometimes this can happen.  Bridges that were burnt can sometimes be rebuilt.


Mental Health 

Another (hidden) reason for making false allegations is that the person making them may have serious mental health difficulties, which other unscrupulous people will use to their own ends.

For instance, another family member or friend / partner, having their own agenda, may pick on a vulnerable child or young person, or vulnerable adult, repeating various false allegations over and again, until the person adopts it as their own and believes it.

Many vulnerable people will read online and in books, many horror stories of abuse, some true and some false – and then genuinely believe they have suffered the same things.

Vulnerable people can be very susceptible to “suggestibility” when it is repeated over and again even though they have no real memory of such abuse.

In the past some people, once having made allegations and gone to trial truly believing what they have alleged, later on realise, to their horror, in fact the “abuse” may not have happened or did not happen at all.


Retracting False Allegations

The last place to go to try to clear this mess up is the police station. Often those wishing to make a genuine retraction are threatened by police that they will be prosecuted for wasting police time / perverting the course of justice and / or perjury if they want to retract.

If the person wishing to retract is very young, or was very young when they made their allegations, or suffers from serious mental health problems, it is unlikely that anything will happen to them at all.  We have seen that happen time and again in the media where a person has admitted to either lying or making a mistake and basically nothing has happened to them.

If anybody who has made false allegations, and is reading this article, and you are wishing to retract / come clean and explain why you made the allegations, whether you were pressured or completely conned into believing they were abused, you can do so in complete confidence by emailing falseallegations@outlook.com – and we can make a start from there.


I promise that you will not be judged or criticised at all.


You will be listened to and guided as to what you can do next to put this right.  You will have support and understanding all the way through.


Not only that, if the fact that you have bravely come forward to tell the truth results in an innocent person being found not guilty or released from prison on appeal, you will feel so much better, knowing that you have done the right and honourable thing.


If you are reading this page right now after making a false allegation, then you are halfway there to doing the right thing.


It’s taken you a great deal of courage to get this far.  That means you are seriously thinking about putting things right. Well done.:)


Truth and honesty are two of the most powerful attributes anyone can have.  A clear conscience is another path to recovery. You CAN do this.


If you are worried that you might get into trouble “with the law” after doing the right thing,  it’s entirely possible, depending on the circumstances, that nothing will happen to you whatsoever.  You will get help with this every single step of the way.


In the first instance of you making contact, nobody will be reported to the police or to any other authority.  All that will happen is that we will discuss the matter and where to go from there.


Please take this first brave step.


Please, please help me to help you do the right thing.


Thank you so much for reading this page.




It is never too late to put things right.


Thank you so much for reading this and I really do hope to hear from you soon.

Take care