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About SOFAP (Support Organisation for Falsely Accused People) by Helga:

A friend of mine was put into prison by his daughter in 2000.  She often told me that she would “have dad grounded, see who he likes that” and she did just that.  Fortunately nine months later he was released on appeal.  I was staggered that the police officer in his case hid evidence he had trustingly handed over to her and then she claimed he had never done so.

While the appeal was being reviewed the CPS asked the officer where this evidence was, to be told “it has been mislaid”.  One cannot mislay something one has never been given.

I moved away from the Midlands to Surrey.

SOFAP was “born” in 2002 after another friend, Clive came out of prison after serving time for alleged offences that were never committed. Clive was extremely helpful in getting me to prison visits, trials and other places. He even dropped everything on one occasion to come to rescue me when the car I was travelling in from a trip to Doncaster broke down on the M1.

95% of the time Clive bore the cost of petrol expenses out of his own pocket, which he could ill afford. For this, I am sure the guys he took me to visit were extremely grateful as well as those whose trials and court hearings we attended.

However, he has since married and moved away so hasn’t been available for some time.

I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to Clive, for making himself available immediately after his release in 2002 from wrongful imprisonment, for over two years, to help other inmates with his invaluable help with transport.

On 23rd November 2004 I was taken seriously ill and found myself on the wrong end of a life support machine. And whilst I have now recovered from this illness, I realised I could not go on as I was. I will still be helping to review appeals but I cannot possibly continue with the pace of work I was doing. Hence my move to join with PAFAA which is run by Vic. Not only has he produced a very informative website, he does a huge amount of support by email and as I understand it, telephone work. He is not one to blow his own trumpet.



About PAFAA (People Against False Allegations of Abuse) by Vic.

PAFAA launched in early 2003, firstly out of frustration at the injustices being perpetrated on a daily basis against people who had been falsely accused of the sexual abuse of children, and the virtual witch-hunt mentality that went along with it by the people meant to investigate this type of crime with impartiality, but more importantly as a method of therapy for myself, and a way to tell my story of false accusations, and the devastating effect it had on me personally, to whomever might be inclined to want to know.

Little did I realise then, just what a profound effect this simple website would have on more and more people as time went by, and the realisation that this is a global problem which, without voices like those here giving balance, is in danger of becoming almost epidemic in proportion. With this realisation, I started to offer limited support via e-mail initially to other innocent people, and then via the setting up of a support forum.

And so, finding Helga (RF) was like a breath of fresh air, so naturally, when we decided that our respective strategies should be combined, the decision was really a no-brainer. She is the best friend you could wish to find in this situation, and a formidable force to reckon with for those in the justice system that seem hellbent on denying the fundamental rights of innocent people to have their voices heard.


We do not, cannot and never have charged for any of the work that we undertake or advice offered be it by telephone, email or face-to-face.