Contact us

So, you have made it this far, and decided that you need to contact us. There are three ways you can do this:


1: Email for support, advice & referral directly to


2: Join our support forum using the link under “Useful Links” [on application you will be required to assist with the confidentiality and security of the forum by being screened via a landline number]


3: We are on Facebook too, although this is a “secret” group.  For details on how to join, please PM me on the Public Awareness Page PAFAA Public Awareness Facebook


4: Follow us on Twitter: PAFAA / SOFAP Twitter-Feed


5: Sister site to both PAFAA sites is PACSO – Justice Stuffed!


PACSO is a self-help kind of workshop for those trying to appeal convictions of an historic sexual nature.

PACSO forums are now open:  Information on how to register


We do not, cannot and never have charged for any of the work that we undertake or advice offered be it by telephone, email or face-to-face.