Recommended Solicitors, Barristers, Investigators & Forensic Experts

Lay advisers at PAFAA do not, cannot and never has charged for any of the work that we undertake or advice offered be it by telephone, email or face-to-face.  



Chris Saltrese SolicitorsWorks nationally and based in the North West ~ Distance is absolutely no object:

Chris Saltrese Solicitors, 3 Regent Road, Southport PR8 2RB

Telephone 01704 535512

~ Private Client only for trial and appeal.  Costs include a QC or a senior barrister





Harvey Fox: Police Station Advice Coordinator: 

FREEMANS SOLICITORS: 07973 259 382 (24 Hours) – based in Suffolk and covers the south east regions


Link to Harvey Fox’s Profile


“We deal with a great number sexual allegations both contemporary and historic, private and legal aid. Our Head of Department, Michael Field is a barrister with a very good reputation in this area and Deborah Hogg a litigator who specialises as a Solicitor in preparing sexual defences.

The firm’s family law department is prestigious and probably of interest to your Clients and also possibly the immigration department to some. Both Departments work on both legal aid and private instructions. Non-Legal Aid Departments include conveyancing, probate and civil litigation as well as road traffic and regulatory work”.

Harvey acts for Clients under Legal Aid, private funding and Trade Union instruction. He also represents Clients in investigations conducted by a wide range of non- Police  agencies  including  The  Benefits  Agency,  Local  Authorities  and  National Health  Service  bodies.  He  has  extensive  experience  of  representing  Clients  with mental  health  issues  and  learning  disabilities  and  is  recommended  by  the  drugs’ advice charity, “Release” to people arrested for the possession or supply of drugs.

Please note that Harvey can be contacted outside of office hours too.  


Paul Legg of Freemans Solicitors:  

Freemans Solicitors, 22 Upper Woburn Place, London, WC1H 0HW


Link to Paul Legg’s Profile


Paul undertakes legally aided trials and also defends Civil and Criminal SOPOs.  Super efficient is not the word.  Highly recommended from personal experience.


Also highly recommended is Deborah Hogg Freeman’s Sex Offences Specialist Deborah Hogg

And Michael Field: Barrister Michael Field experienced in sexual offences




Keith Astbury: Glaisyers Solicitors

~ Works on legal aid – highly recommended





Nunn Rickard, (Solicitor Advocates)

~Legally aided – recommended for trial



Ian Kelcey of Kelcey & Hall, Small Street, Bristol – highly recommended for Trial





Daniel Griffiths of

Wilson, Devonald, Griffiths, John Solicitors
38 Walter Road, Swansea, SA1 5NW

Tel: 01792 484566
24 hour Tel: 07850 646864
Email: crime at wilsondevonald dot com


Counsel instructed by the above solicitors

John Hipkin

Iscoed Chambers
01792 652988…file_member/jh



Northern Ireland – Belfast

From counsel Mark Barlow who is licensed to practice in Ireland

The solicitor that he would recommend is Charlene Dempsey.

She works at Higgins, Hollywood and Deazley Solicitors in Belfast.

Their details are


Linen House

507 Oldpark Road

Belfast   BT14 6QU

Tel:  028 90770770


Ask for Charlene or Matt – He has worked with both in sexual cases and have found them very good and approachable. They also care about their clients.




DIRECT ACCESS BARRISTERS & Recommended Legal Aid barristers:


Chambers in London

Dan Bunting:

~ also works on Legal Aid – must be instructed by a solicitor when on Legal Aid


Dan’s Blogs:

UK Criminal Law Blog ~ All Things Legal ~ A Life In the Bus Lane


Paul Jervis

~ also works on Legal Aid must be instructed by a solicitor when on Legal Aid



Barrister for trial: Mr Ian Way 



Mark Barlow: Mark Barlow “Door Tenant” Garden Court North

Mark is licensed to practise in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – comes highly recommended for both trial and appeal – legal aid




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Forensic Experts: computer / Mobile Phone / Cite Cell

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If you have any recommendations for legal aid solicitors: criminal / prison law or family law, please do email us and let us know of them.